Nest Box Cam' Internals

Side Camera Compartment

Final configuration, but with light barrier and glass wall removed.

  1. Monochrome visible/infrared cameras, 0.05 lux, 2.5 mm lenses, stereo pair.
  2. Color camera, 0.5 lux, 2.3 mm auto-iris lens, and microphone.
  3. Infrared LED illuminator arrays, top and bottom, wired in series. Combined 160 mW output.
  4. Cat-5 video/audio transceiver.
  5. 12 VDC power distribution.
  6. External cable clamp and seal.

Note that all three cameras are mounted sideways. Because the box is taller than it is wide, and TV images are wider than they are tall, rotating the cameras 90 degrees is the only way to take full advantage of the cameras in this application.

Ceiling Camera Mount

Final configuration, but with one burned-out LED, subsequently replaced.

  1. Monochrome visible/infrared camera, 0.05 lux.
  2. Infrared LED illuminator arrays, left and right, wired in series. Combined 160 mW output.
  3. 12 VDC power distribution.


Thermometer constructed of brass & glass, markings in Fahrenheit (large, outer numbers), and Celsius (small, inner numbers). The four circular objects are the heads of the carriage bolts that secure the exterior access panel to which the thermometer is attached.

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