Nest Box Cam’ Internals

Side camera compartment interior photo

Side Camera Compartment

Final configuration, but the front cover with camera window and infrared illuminators is not shown.

  1. Microphone suspended by springs.
  2. Camera mount with closed-circuit, monochrome, visible/infrared, video camera, 0.0003 lux, 2.5 mm lens.
  3. 12 VDC power distribution.
  4. Video modem – transmits analog video, audio and power over a single coaxial cable.
  5. Cable clamp.
  6. (Not shown.) Front cover with camera window and infrared LED illuminators.
Attic camera photo

Attic Camera Mount

Final configuration, but with one burned-out LED which was subsequently replaced.

  1. Closed-circuit, monochrome, visible/infrared, video camera, 0.05 lux.
  2. Infrared LED illuminator arrays, left and right, wired in series. Combined 160 mW output.
  3. 12 VDC power distribution.
Wall thermometer photo


Thermometer constructed of brass & glass, markings in Fahrenheit (large, outer numbers), and Celsius (small, inner numbers). The four circular objects in the corners of the photo are the heads of the carriage bolts that secure the exterior access panel to which the thermometer is attached.

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